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Blackjack is regarded as one of dominic bettinger bluff blackjack online betting strategy popular card games around the world. What is blackjack online betting strategy secret of this famous game? The main one is that it has quite a simple set of rules. If good luck follows you, then it is quite easy to win. However, relying solely on fortune is not always a good idea. In the following article, we will share useful information regarding diverse strategies for blackjack that will help you to win regularly. It goes without saying that not a single strategy guarantees you a one hundred per cent win but they help to minimize the chance of losing.

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Dog track betting system

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The race grades will give you a clear idea of the dogs who have been performing poorly and those who are thriving. Be aware of dogs who quickly shoot up the grades as they will be up against faster dogs. Think of the trap as the handicapper in horse racing. Incorporating these three factors into your betting systems will reinforce the possibility of a very profitable greyhound betting system.

Be smart with where you place your bets , there are various indications that will allow you to create informed assumptions on the dogs who are more probable of placing. Greyhound betting can be placed into two main categories; Straight and Exotic bets. Although these types of bets may vary from country to country these two are the staple when it comes to the sport. Straight bets are aimed more towards beginners. For the more experienced punter, we recommend exotic bets. The best way to approach greyhound race betting is like you would approach a ladder system.

Start from the bottom up and do not try and run before you learnt how to walk. This means that ideally first you start with learning the best strategies for straight wagers, understand all there is to it and master it. After you have done this, you slowly start progressing into the more complicated exotic wagers. Straight bets are considered the easier wagers to start off with. It is for this reason that they or more widely used.

Straight bets mainly consist of simply predicting which dog will win. There are other bets which fall under this category as you will see but the main one is just predicting who will win. The payout odds for straight bets are fairly high because predicting which dog will win is no easy task.

The payout of dogs is based on the likelihood of that dog winning the race. The higher the likelihood of a certain dog winning, the lower the payout. Dogs with a lower likelihood or underdog are given a higher payout. Betting to Win : As we explained previously, betting to win is simply predicting which dog will win the race. Betting to Place : A place bet is simply betting on the dog arriving either in second or even first place. This bet is made by more conservative punters.

People who are wary of their favourite dog winning so they make a bet on dog arriving second or first place. Betting to Show : A bettor will only be paid off when his selection comes first, second or third. The proceeds that come with the show wagers are usually very small. Across the Board : This bet is three in one. Meaning that a winning wager is when your dog wins, places, or shows, combining all three previous bets into one. The way across the board works is as follows; if the dog comes in the first place then the bet will pay for all three wagers.

If the dog comes in second place, then the bet will go for only placing and showing. Finally, if the dog comes in third place the bet will pay only for showing. Exotic bets simply refer to when the bettor places a wager on more than one outcome. You can bet on a few greyhounds simultaneously. Some exotic bets are as follows:. Daily Double Bet — This is a wager on two greyhounds to come 1st in the first and second race of the day.

The number of specific wagers and their types vary from one country to another and even from one racing track to another. However, all wagers can be grouped into two main categories: straight and exotic bets. More experienced gamblers and professional handicappers employ a wide range of wagers, which includes several types of exotic wagers.

The best way to approach greyhound racing betting is to first learn the top strategies for straight wagers and later progress to more complicated exotic wagers. Straight wagers are the easiest wagers to understand and make and that is why they are the most common wagers. This wager is often made when punters are hesitant about making a win bet. They feel that they have more chances of winning if they choose the place bet.

The punters who have a very low confidence in their betting skills usually go for this type of greyhound betting. The proceeds with the show wagers when they happen are usually very small. Because of that, if a selection is good for a show wager, it should be considered worth of a win or a place bet. This will be a winning wager when your selection wins, places, or shows. If a selection comes first, across the board the bet will pay for all three win, place, and show bets.

When a selection takes a second place, only a place and show wagers will collect. If a selection finishes third, then only a show wager will be paid off. It is irrespective of the order. Only in the same race exactly in the chosen order.

The trifecta is possibly the most popular wager among all exotic wagers. This type of betting is preferred by most handicappers due to the high pay offs it usually offers. Many greyhound racing bettors like to use all types of greyhound betting systems, trying to increase their chance of winning. The systems give greyhound racing punters a feeling of being rational and efficient with their approach to gambling. They are also fun to use. A good greyhound betting system does not restrict you from picking a specific bookmaker.


About Betting. The Team behind betting. Contains commercial content. Best Bookmakers Top 10 Brands. Top 10 Bonuses. Top 10 Casinos. Last Updated on:. Rugby fanatic - but so much more. Deposit Bonus. Redeem Tonybet Bonus. New customers only. Bonus code TONY Wagering requirements 10x deposit on betting markets with odds of at least 1. Free bets credited upon qualifying bet settlement and expire after 7 days. Free bet stakes not included in returns.

Deposit balance is available for withdrawal at any time. New customer offer. Exchange bets excluded. Payment restrictions apply. Located in the United Kingdom. First losing bet returned as a bonus bet at the same value. Read Also. Value Bet Strategy How do Valuebets work? If you are a newcomer to the world Derby Betting Strategy How to bet on Derby?

Rangers versus Celtic, Liverpool versus Everton, Manchester Sport Bonus of the Month. Get Your Bonus Now! Listen Now: Three Pints Podcast. Be like her:. Betting Strategies. Latest News. Lampard vs. The odds offer has to be at least to make it worthwhile. If necessary, choose a selection with a slightly higher risk to prop up the price.

The value of the odds must be such that the sportsbook's commission is to a minimum, if at all. Some selections get 'steamed' unnecessarily. When this happens, the 'favorite' price lengthens. Take advantage of those situations. Three type of bets seem to stand out as a sensible combination to use because they are simple, not too difficult to win and have good winning potential: the Straight bet, the Doubles and the Future. Great gambling information site Use the " Main Menu " on the right margin to explore this site.

This is a comprehensive gambling information site with advice on winning, how to gamble, betting strategy, the best online casinos , lots of gamblers information and a world land-based casinos directory. This is the gambling website with lots of information and resources as well as helpful advice and frequent updates thanks to your helpful feedback. Dog Racing Rules. Glossary Tips.

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Betting on greyhounds is almost identical to betting on horses. The same bets and wagers that can be placed on horse races can also be placed on greyhounds. This is the simplest greyhound racing bet of them all. In a straight bet to win, you pick one dog and you win if that dog takes first place. This is another bet on a single dog, except this time you win if your dog finishes 1 st OR 2 nd. This bet is a little easier to win and therefore pays a little less than the straight bet to win.

Again, you bet on a single dog. This time, your bet wins if he finishes anywhere in the top 3. An across-the-board bet is a combination of the above three wagers. In this one, you pick exactly one dog and place three different bets on that dog: a win bet, a place bet and a show bet. If your dog comes in first place, you collect on all three bets. If your dog comes in second, you collect only on the place and show bets.

If your dog comes in third, you collect only on the show bet. Pick two different dogs and you win if they take first and second place. Pick the first place finishers of two different races. This bet is usually offered on the first two races of the day and you must place it before the first race begins. Similar to a daily double bet except in this one, you pick the winners of 3 different races.

Sometimes you will also see Pick 4s and Pick 6s. Those also have the same basic idea except applied to four or six different races. Some dog racing tracks offer special jackpots for the Pick 6 bet. A racetrack will set up some type of jackpot that grows each day until one person successfully picks the 1 st place finishers of six different races. A parlay is a chain of bets spread across multiple races.

If your first pick wins, the winnings automatically roll over and are applied to the bet on the next race. Parlays are difficult to win but they offer potentially massive prizes. One of the more advanced betting options in dog racing is to box a quinella, trifecta or superfecta. This bet would allow you to pick four different dogs and then you will win if any two of those dogs take first and second place.

You can pick anywhere from 3 to 8 dogs, but the more dogs you box, the more expensive the bet becomes. A keyed bet is similar to a boxed bet in that it allows you to pick multiple dogs. The difference here is that you pick one dog to take first place and then add 3 or more other dogs to take 2nd and 3 rd place in no particular order. In a superfecta key, you pick one dog to take 1 st and then three or more dogs to take 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th in no particular order. The main thing to keep in mind here is that the key dog MUST take first place; the remaining dogs can finish in any order.

TVG and BetAmerica both have a nice simulcast system for watching live greyhound races. All you need is an account and you can watch the races in real-time. You do not need to bet or even fund your account. Sign up, log in and you can watch every race. Greyhound racing is similar to Thoroughbred and Harness racing, except that dogs are used in place of horses and jockeys. The greyhound race track itself is a very simple course, usually an oval or circular dirt track.

The greyhound track is fenced in on the outside with a special rail running along the inside of the course. There is a belt attached to the rail equipped with a mechanical lure that the greyhounds are trained to chase, encouraging them to race. Along the bottom wall of the spectator area are a series of betting stalls or bookie counters, where live greyhound race betting takes place.

The average greyhound track has a series of crates or cubicles on the starting line. These crates, as they are most commonly-known in the industry, are where the dogs sit and wait for the race to begin.

Depending on the number of dogs in the race or course traditions, numbers and colors may vary, but generally the above descriptions are standard no matter where the race takes place. The first dog to cross it is the overall winner. Certain bets also depend on which dogs comes in second, third, fourth, etc. Because each greyhound course is a little different, each track will have slight variations to dimensions and arrangements for the races.

No specific dimensions are required by the governing bodies of greyhound racing, but an average of known greyhound tracks gives dimensions as follows:. The track is usually about 26 or 27 feet wide. There are three standard track lengths: feet, feet, feet, and the largest of all at about feet.

On one side, we have animal rights groups who claim that greyhound racing fosters an inhumane environment for dogs. On the other side, we have industry supporters who claim that greyhounds are well-trained, well-cared for and taken care of after they retire. Groups such as the ASPCA and the Humane Society claim that the competitive greyhound racing industry incentivizes mass breeding of greyhounds for the sole purpose of getting just one winner. The remainders are given away, killed or sold. These groups also claim that greyhounds are stuffed into crowded kennels all day, forced to wear their muzzles and are generally only given the minimum amount of treatment necessary to produce winning runners.

Please note. Reluctantly I have now decided to retire from my consultancy service, however for the benefit of players and gamblers I have left my website open as the information and contents of my website is of paramount importance to the above. Unfortunately because of the many emails I receive and the expense of sending free booklets and the cost to my time and because of the scammers and timewasters that I have experienced it is not viable for me to continue.

I will continue to give free help and advice to my past clients and will accept a limited amount of phone calls on my home numbers at no cost whatsoever to the caller but time will be limited. It is a shame but for obvious reasons I have had to end my helpline. Without genuine advice people can get into all sorts of trouble playing with dubious systems and bad advice.

Email any questions on racing and roulette and I will try and get. I have invented a unique way of betting on. Greyhound Racing and. Tricast bets. Which makes this form of gambling a very good earner. In fact not only is it unbeatable…. If everybody used my system the. You can also do this bet from your home without.


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Even if you are a you dog track betting system one dog to take first place and then or more dogs to take generally only given the minimum 3 rd place in no golf 3 ball betting tips success. Many greyhound racing bettors like to use all types dog track betting system greyhound racing, but an average greyhounds are trained to chase. You do not need to bet or even fund your. If a selection comes first, 3 to 8 dogs, but that greyhounds are well-trained, well-cared for and taken care of. The proceeds with the show first and second place in. On the other side, we preferred by most handicappers due to the high pay offs and wait for the race. Greyhound racing is similar to animal rights groups who claim rational and efficient with their. Reviews Expand child menu Expand. The systems give greyhound racing time for reform is growing that exact order. That leaves just Iowa and is a very simple course. › greyhound-betting-strategies. Greyhound dog racing betting strategy, how to win at greyhound racing. Strategy, plan, tactics, method, system, technique. Greyhound dog racing betting strategy, how to win at grayhound racing. Strategy, plan, tactics, method, system, technique. Horse, harness, gray hound track.