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Bet pool games on pc

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The game Need For Extreme presents a breathtaking variety of arcade races. You drive a racing car an The game presents adrenaline Free real pool. Entertaining pool game that sport Real Pool 6. Super Pool 1. Play pool against the computer or another player with this entertaining game. Play a new game Pool 8 Balls, a good!

Pool is a very popular game. Pool 3D is an online pool game Real Pool 3D is a free game. Gothic, Italian, Pool checkers, Russian To get. This package contrains a virtual snooker game and a pool billiards one. A piece of software that allows you to play a game of pool with friends. Pool 3D is a 3D billiards game with several types of billiards included. Play a challenging game of backgammon or statistically analyze a game. Best top 10 pool games for pc social advice Users interested in Best top 10 pool games for pc generally download:.

Moscow Billiards 1. Midnight Pool 3D 2. Please add more higher bet games. Also add some more cues please I seem to have all of the current list. I like the star difficulty system, but could there be a player star amount? To see how skilled you get? Great game, I love it!!!! Sep 30, By Mandy Mills. I like it! It works and doesn't freeze up. Unlike miniclip. Only bad part is you can't play with friends.

This pool game is very enjoyable and not too testing. You get the chance to replay bad shots etc at beginner levels which is very confidence building. The computer opponents vary in skill and the on screen aim control takes patience as it is sensitive and needs practise to work it correctly or you will time default on shots as a beginner. Lots of adverts if you replay shots but they are acceptable as the game is free unless you opt for in game purchases.

GREAT ball dynamics overall. By Jared Rinkenberger. Competitive, challenging and relaxing at the same time. Correct angles and dead spots on the rails like real life. Dec 21, By AW W. Good game, a little easy tho. In app purchases but you don't need them. You can unlock everything with ease. Jan 2, By Cletus McGuilicutty. Not sure what you did in the patch but I cant seem to beat the AI once I get past a certain point.

It's like you made them harder to beat which is nice but where I'm at it should be alot, alot easier than it is. One great thing is the extra ball control on the side. However it's still not very precise and a bit jumpy. I'm uninstalling and downloading the other 8ball game. By Anthony Schlag. I payed for 60, coins bought the USA pool stick. And now i dont have the extra coins and the stick i bought. Please fix the problem. Oct 8, By David Beard.

Don't waste your time until they get the controls right. Power bar changes your aim. Needs more work. Oct 3, By Shadow Isles. By David Wygmans. Playing 8 Ball, I potted my last stripe, with only the 8 ball to go. It was declared that I had not potted my own ball, and I could watch a video and try again or allow my opponent next shot. I watched the video and potted my ball again.

Same thing! I lost the game because the system didn't know how the game is played. Jan 26, By Rick Martinez. Nov 23, By Yopie Chevy. After playing several times i've just realized that we're playing with bots i've noticed that when they snookered they will hit opponent's ball and the cue ball has a ABS when it stopped it"s kind a weird and if u watch carefully when their turns they never spend more times like human players it's about 2 sec they will hit the ball anyway it's a fun game.

Nov 11, This is a great game however the controls mess you up. If this doesn't fix then i ain't playing it anymore. Dec 8, By Nathan Anderson. Good game, but it is very easy to get enough money to buy out the entire store after only a couple hours of playing. Maybe more end game balance so that there's something to do past the point of buying all the cues?

By Gio Sebastian. And 1 more why you dont have exit button in your app? Fix it this pls thanks. Nov 30, By Chris Bell. Ball simulation didn't seem that good and in the tutorial I couldn't do a soft shot. Nov 28, By Augustus Worthen. One star for me is a big problem if you sketch on 8 ball on a real pool table you loose.

In the game it's my turn that did it for me. By Absolon Brown. I don't know what rules this game adheres to but when you try to win going for the eight ball you can't scratch. You automatically lose not this game. How about a nice little game of pool? Welcome to the Pool Billiards Pro game! Feb 6, By Valecha Deepali G. I have read many reviews but l not found any type of problem in this game.

I read the reviews and l thought that there are many problems or issues in this game. That's why l installed many other billiard games, but not found any good game in low mb. All billiard games which are good and have high graphics are of very high mb. Finally, l installed this game. I say truly, it is just awesome. There are many options in this game like single player, two players, arcade and play online. I like arcade. I not found any such problem which I read in reviews. This game is just wonderful and it is what which I want.

Thank u so much TerranDroid for making this game. Sep 5, By Sam K. I am loving this game! I've never been good at real billiards but I'm getting really good at this cyber billiards because of the way it's set up. Minimum ads. Normal tables. Seemingly authentic feel. Option to use or turn off guidelines.

There isn't a single thing I can find wrong about this game. By far the best of all the billiards game I've tried. I've uninstalled all the other ones. This one's a keeper. Dec 19, By Nathan Heard. Great Sandbox style game for those just looking to practice and shoot for fun. The Hardest mode is currently around a 4 skill level in APA however.

Beatable, but it take a bit of effort. Nov 13, By Thembinkosi Sanelle. Great game it is so real in every way and so fun , it's the best game i can say i spend most of my time playing on my phone , challenging , unpredictable i give it a five stars. Dec 6, By Jennifer Augustine. Love the option of playing a quick game alone instead of a whole one with opponent. Easy to understand and fun to play!

By Bill. While the mechanics of the game are decent, childish behaviour can ruin the experience. There is no option to block chat altogether, or to block a certain player. They do not censor, in any way, user names, leading to some truly horrible ones.

Also, player win ratios are unaffected by quitting a game prior to losing, leading to many players quitting games prior to losing. Oct 13, By Ari Lemmke. Poorly done. Just aim and shoot. Asks automatic 5 stars rating.. Bugs like setting cue ball near the rail. Horrible implementation. Just like 80's magazines selling games with non-existing graphics. There is no cue control. No angles. Poor clickbait app. Dec 4, By Chad Chiles.

Not very good. You can't set the cue ball position on a break, it is a fixed point. If you have never played pool in real life great. If you have you won't like it. By Sharon A. It freezes then you cannot get free and ret your aim. Then you are screwed out of your move. Time and time again. Used to be fun. No more. By Ken YesIAm. Whoever gave this 5 stars is a LIAR!!

Beginner sticks have NO power- cant even break up the rack! Great time killer with many game modes! Over challenging levels provide a whole new pool experience Beat the clock! By Terry Acton. Like the game but can not get any zip on the ball when breaking. Also can not put right or left English on the ball. Dec 16, By Agellus Lorenzo. It is a very good app but it doesn't mean i like it very much you must update it and kickout the hackers they've really proven that they are the one who controls the game its pathetic By Becca Sue Leeds.

Jan 29, By Rod Steele. Like the off line feature and its responsive controls are nice ease of play and understanding make this a very nice package thanks! Jan 8, By Dean Clark. Jan 18, By Becky Messing. Love this but had to reinstall it just now cause hung up on candy crush jelly and couldn't get out of the ad and AGAIN cause couldn't move cue ball.

Please fix!!! And NO, not playing Jelly no more!!! Not getting no more of my money!! By Mweemba. Plays well. Only concern is that the menus need to be worked on. They look like they were designed in Dec 17, By Oghosa Simeon. It's a fun game. But I can't tell you how many times I've restarted the game from scratch because I changed devices.

Just changed devices a week ago and I was at level 25 and now I'm at level 1 because I can't carry over my saved data. Please it would be nice if you make a way for us to save our game data. Like candycrush which saves data on Facebook. Dec 18, By Colin Duffy. By Alvaro Chavarria. The ways you can cheat and people do constantly to rob you of wins is incredible.

This game is super cheap. It is getting worse. Similar to Pool Billiards Pro. Dec 27, By Bj Hesson. Its a good, fun, and competitive game. I check in and play it a couple times a day if possible. My only issues with it is i wish there were ads to watch to either speed up the waiting time for prize balls or just a little in game currency, cuz the wait time for the most basic prize ball is like 8 hrs, so unless you plan on spending real cash, your gonna end up with all the prize ball slots full and having to wait 8 hrs.

By Amanda Cooper. I have gone through some pool game apps and pretty much gave up because they were too complicated. This one is easy enough and you uave to beat levels in the club to access more tables. From the graphics to quality of gameplay, to the easiness is why i give it 5 stars. WoW Mar 30, By Don Johanson. I think would be better if we coult play 8 pool ball on 9ft table and 10ft table currnetly the table for 8 ball pool is 7ft table.

The Best Of The Best Jan 9, A job well done! Great fun playing online or offline in club mode. Great that there's no advertisement popping up every 5 minutes. But I've completed last level 65 and it doesn't acknowledge completion with a gold cup like previous levels? Any reason for this. This game is a rip off Feb 2, By Sandra Nielson.

By Eric. If you want a game were you can practice shooting this is good. If you want a competitive game to play against others don't bother. The aiming system is basically an aim bot. It's harder to miss than to make shots. This goes for your opponents as well. My first few games I had two players who broke and ran, each with shots I highly doubt they could have come close to really making.

Transactions Dec 25, By TcEoiun. Nov 15, By malcolm renolds. This billiards game is loaded with all the same problems all the other online games are. Pay to advance , check. Magic ball physics , check. Horrible orientation and impossible views, check. AI meddling , check. I would actually pay for a accurate online pool game that is realistic but it seems like everything these days you can't even give people money and get quality product.

Money Jan 12, By stretch This is the best pool game out there but it like all the good games cost way to much to play. By Alan Helps. Decent pool experience. Losing the ability to look around the table after the first couple of levels is a let down though. Seems to be a cheat going on in the higher games. Says opponent has lost connection, but game comes back on with you missing a go and the opponent seems to have potted a load of balls???

By gp jp. Best pool game on mobile!! The only thing I dont like is the message box. Its very annoying! Some people just has no clue on how to run out the table and, they will just play a psycho war by messaging every second of the game! Also there's too much luck involves in the game, specially in 9ball and 8ball. I lost many matches because the opponent just made a blind shot and they got lucky. This made a serious player like me bored. By Hercules Steel. It IS an actual simulation of the game.

It's VERY slow in terms of getting somewhere, though I'd like to be able to face harder opposition before reaching level 18 or whatever it says there. Dec 13, By wade kganathe. Closest thing to an actual pool. Wouldve given it a 5 star but some of the bugs on it are troublesome. From lagging, disconnecting a person randomly; resulting in losing coins Also, I'd recommend that in the profile, that you also display how many times a person has been number on the leaderboard or at least display how long they were number 1 on the leaderboard; would be really great like how we can see how many coins a person hs won.

Nov 16, By Johnny. I give them a 3 because there are some serious glitches to the game, and virtually no customer service. I was on level 7 and had a bunch of coins, but had to uninstall and reinstall. But when I logged into Facebook, it brought me back to level 1. I contacted customer service via messenger, and email, and nothing.

This happened twice to me Then today, in a matter of 10 mins, my screen blacks out when it's my turn to shoot. Lost those 3 games. Extremely frustrated with this game!!! By Maurice Dean. Good game but would be helpful if the told you what the the rules are. Different levels have different rule it says 8 ball rules or 9 ball rules be doesn't list what the rules are before entering a game if you don't know??? By Kevin Dyer. It's better than most pool games but ohh it's bad at times connection issues waiting for player then next shot they got ball in hand you've not even had shot.

Also you know you've cut it in then no it either stops or rattles out even on easy shots. This game is like the snooker one theres hackers on both just to win. You cannot play the coins games it sticks then jams time runs it's a vault on both apps. Snooker is same on higher levels. Poor rigged bent.

Weird sound Jan 11, By You say you have games liar. When you have the volume to five when you hit the ball it sounds like a pop instead of a bang so I give it a 2 star. Trash Jun 23, By flippin yall the bird. This game is trash just like all the other pool games. Gameplay is trash, graphics are good.

Dec 9, By trash. Glitchy game once you get higher in levels, makes no sense. Better on android, but still trash GUI. I love pool rigged I say May 17, By brad No large pay out! Mar 18, By NSatisfied2. I played my first coin game and won and it said my opponent left so I either had to wait or wait to get paid one way or another But i think you should put a tournament. Great fun!

By World Real Stories. It is best online snooker game. It is better than 8 ball pool. Playing in all the world is very interesting. Playing nine ball is very easy. By Sunny Narad. This game is hard in initial stages but once you learn how to play it when it fits in your hands you will start to love it. Really Awesome Game. By dennis bennett. I give it a 4, why? If the table was a faster one. Balls stop to sudden and run too slow By Christopher Black sr.

This is better than mini clips, atleast when you lose you know it was your fault not them cheating you to take your coins. Jul 3, By Hussein Farhat. Apr 11, By Judy. What happened to my account? I have been playing for some time and now all of a sudden, I am back to square one! Strange now I can't even log in, Able to on all other game apps. I'm glad. I would like to play with real players though and not computer generated.

Jan 5, By L1n0. Game for kids. Physical movement unrealistic. Even with 1 million cue not possible to make your white to return.. It's fun, dont get me wrong but not for advanced players which tried many games like these as me. If you likely met with human after last potted ball you get connection problem and no money for winning rack. Beside that every time need to log in after launched app.. Jul 13, By Jason Seeley. Feb 21, Terrible knock off from miniclip.

Actually managed to go back in levels in though I've already unlocked a cue from a later level, and also says I've only potted 11 balls in 7 games , even though I've won 6 out of 7. Give the game a miss, play 8ball mini clips instead. Aug 25, By Glenn Keohokapu. This is the most sham game it has so much cliches it takes coins from you and free spin you can't collect because of your slow network it controls your shots and blocks your shots and at times when I have won it would say check your network and try again and when you do you lose your winnings and now I can't play any games 8 ball or 9 ball 2 days straight and if you don't purchase anything when you try to play they check your network and nothing is wrong with my network don't waste your time!!

Dec 2, By Dolores Riojas. It's so fun and relaxing game and I enjoy the challenges from other players. Jan 6, By Steven Ba. By Kath Gale. Oct 26, By Liam Anderson. Very good game. Probably the best online. Just wish que control was easier to aim. By Arlou Magcuro. By qse The aim is terrible. Can't pot the ball even when you aim it precisely. Tha balls all weighted more than a tonne.

Even full force can't make the ball roll faster. Aug 17, By Teddy Cuteface. Game has too many glitches. It is quite unfair when opponent drops but they win. Also playing with the computer cheats. Several times I won opponent for a lot of money, but money goes to the other player. Game needs to look into this horrible problem. Play billiards against your friends or the AI players in the best 3D pool game.

Amazing this game is free Apr 11, By J--Bird I saw in the add for this game that you can change the color of the felt and the pattern. WOW Thank You. Highly recommend. By Rajesh Sharma. Great game. Could probably add a feature to fine tune the shot. Some times, the shot needs fractional adjustment and that is difficult to do in the current setup. Also, if you can add another feature where players can practice a particular shot like I can in a pool cafe.

You know, place a ball in a certain place and take shots until the cue ball ends up exactly where I want it to at the completion of the shot. Apart from that, please don't change anything. It's a wonderful game as it is.

Thank u. Great virtual pool Jan 16, By Brett DeFazio. I play pool in real life often, this game helps me warm up whenever I have a match. I play at bars often so I think it would be a cool feature to pick your table size as well. I know professional pool is usually played on wide 8 or 9 foot tables but having the option to play regular 8 ball or smaller games like 9 ball on a foot tables in the game would be amazing.

By Emmet Coyle. Sometimes the controls are just a little too stiff, sensitivity could definitely be worked on. AI can sometimes make clumsy mistakes but still challenges most of the time. I mainly got this game for the offline features, and wasn't disappointed. The pass and play is a very nice touch there too. By Austin Kately My current favorite time-passer. I wish I were this good at pool IRL.

I try aiming the cue ball a little to the side which helps change it up some. After I finished I went back and just shot the cue ball directly at that spot, full force, to see what would happen, and the ball I think it was No. And like someone else said, not overloaded with ads. By Aaron Clardy. The table view is not good. When the CPU plays the table comes down to a good eye level view, but the players view has only 2 options which is not good.

Also after the break the CPU uses the table Ike it's an open table when the opponent scratches. I am 69 and have shot pool since I was 15 and the rule has always been you didn't spot the cue ball beyond the first stringer and you do not shoot any playable balls behind the first stringer on the first shot after the scratch. Dec 30, By Matt Simpson.

I only downloaded the game because it claimed to have this mode but it is pointless without a proper rule set. The ball physics is also not great. You can play back spin on very low powered shots which would drag the ball in real life and because of the power mechanics you can't apply stun to the ball at all. Nov 24, By Paul A C. Field of view is a joke, makes it look like a snooker table. Balls are too small for the view. Physics are off.

Basically everything about the game does not reflect reality in any way. Shame as it runs ok and offers some good selections like pass n play or CPU games. But I cannot avoid the obvious problems and neither should you as the dev. By Jim Graham. WAS fun. Now spending what should be game time hunting for ad blockers to tame the ads in this ad-watching game. This game's dev seems, like so many these days, to think that adding constant ads and blocking the back key to try to lock people in their ads try ads I'm actually interested in is a good way to get loyal users.

Hint: it's something NO good android developer will do. Nov 20, By Tony Martin. This is an amazing app. Very realistic. When David wins, he pockets the cue ball! I reported this previously but the developers don't react. Developer, why do you only respond to some comments?

Make this a really great game! An all-around great pool game! I paid for this game because the free version was lovely to play, and didn't keep asking for money. May 18, By Steve-New Jersey. The game is very rewarding to play.

I found the dynamics pretty spectacular. And very refreshing to just play rounds of pool without being interrupted by arcade game sounds and scoring graphics like a Vegas slot machine. And yes, I paid for the ad free version because you can have a lovely time of this game without having paid Jan 27, By anthony. Play it constantly I would like to say it's very good for a game. Most players forget that part. If you stopped playing it for what you want it to do as in a real setting,and played it for what it can do you'd learn more and be able to beat it.

I just played it 15 games and only lost two,that miss and he'll clean up the table is great keeps you from making ashot that you haven't thought out. Sep 15, By MashedPotato I love this app! I just wanted to get to the game without worrying about running out of money. Then I found this. It was amazing! I do have some recommendations: there could be more rooms than just the living room.

Maybe some places like a bar, an arcade, etc. Different reverb settings depending on what room you are in 3. Different ambient noises for what room you are in 4. In practice, there could be an option to customize the location of the balls including the cue ball so you could pull off tricks Having these in the game would make it 10x better. By Picasso Dynamite. Out of all the pool games I've seen advertised and that are always on top of the lists, I've never came across this one until today out of blind luck and I'm glad I did.

It's got everything you want and nothing you don't. I played for almost an hour and seen 1 ad, of course your experience may vary. By Hans On. The angles and straight shots and banks seem to be spot on. In practice mode it would be nice if after the break you could tell which balls were dropped. I'll shoot a bank shot and not be able to track the ball to the pocket.

If it did that automatically it would be nice. I probably play 20 to 25 practice games a day. I enjoy it. Jan 14, By Richard Tunstall, Sr. This pool game needs a fine tuning wheel!! Its very hard to adjust fine cut shots and when trying to set up a cut shot nearly all the time when I removed my finger the adjustment moved as well.. The table has a great action from the rails which is something most other pool games don't!!! Thanks for your app.. Similar to Real Pool 3D. Play 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool in 3D view as it should be played in real world.

By Nancy Dunnuck. I just started playing this 3d pool and have become addicted. I have it on 4 devices and find it very challenging and by watching others shoot, I have learned to make some good shots. I've tried other pool games but I love the 3D games the best.

Also you should have other option by which we can contact you and can get instant help. One of my ID got lost and I want help from your side and I msg you but didn't get any response from your side. Hope you make changes in it. Jan 20, By John McDonald.

Balls are oval shaped. Calling the 8-ball in last pocket freezes a lot. I'll change my rating to 3-star. I'm tempted to uninstall, but I'll wait to see if you can fix it. By Mike Maxson. Probably the best pool game out there. I play every single day, sometimes for several hours.

Hit 70 rating couple days ago. Have put a lot of money in this as well. Would absolutly give this game 5 stars. But a week it started to crash and only continued to so a bit more and more. Submitted issiue to support a few days ago. Still waiting for a response. Im here asking for hepl because now I cant play it at all, It opens does loading sreen go to lobby and crashes.

Please help. Jan 12, By Rick Rader. Good hetting answer from support I would rate this higher if they didnt let your time run out when calling a pocket Repeatedly tapping the pocket you want and nothing happens until theres 2 seconds left is frustrating not to mention unfair.

By Zayna. This game is a scam. You can just hit any ball and pray one of yours goes in and you still get another turn. Also, you can pocket the que ball on the 8 ball and you still can play. Not worth the time. Even when you email them they still don't return your emails.

Jan 16, By Billy Byrd. You get pissed off at the way que Ball rolls in the pockets. No matter what you do. I have lost numerous games straight scratching on the 8 Ball. I've played pool in real life and never on my worst days did i lose on the 8 Ball again and again. By Joshua Udia. Its a nice game though but it pisses me alot i cant even imagin its so anoying when its your turn and you pocket the 8ball and it enters you win right?

BUT the game freezes sometimes then the next player plays next its so anoying even if you have the capacity to win the game sometimes, it wont even let you. Jan 24, By William Kirkes. Well I find it very hard to shoot with out a cue stick and if you do have a stick it helps very very much it you are able to pull it back enough to shoot it hard enough to make your shot.


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