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Financial spread betting addiction hotline

The counselor may ask you questions to help determine the most appropriate resources for your situation and then they will give you information on how to access those resources in your area i. Gamblers Anonymous, treatment providers, credit counselors, etc. All told, as many as 8. In other words, they met at least one of the criteria for pathological gamblers, and are experiencing problems resulting from their gambling.

An even larger percentage of Californians are affected by Problem Gambling: an estimated 1. Important note: Pathological gambling is a disease that can affect anyone, but does not affect everyone. Research shows that most Americans and Californians are able to gamble responsibly. Problem gambling is an emotional problem that has financial consequences. The real problem is that they have an uncontrollable obsession with gambling.

Action gamblers prefer forms of gambling containing a perceived element of skill such as: poker, blackjack, craps, sports betting, horse or dog race betting, or the stock market. This type of gambler usually plays against machines and avoids human contact e. The casino or lottery merely provides the opportunity for the person to gamble. It does not, in and of itself, create the problem any more than a liquor store would create an alcoholic.

Although no substance is ingested, the problem gambler gets the same effect from gambling as they might get from taking a tranquilizer or having a drink. However, just as tolerance develops to drugs or alcohol, the gambler finds that it takes more and more of the gambling experience to achieve the same emotional effect as before. This creates an increased craving for the activity, and the gambler finds they have less and less ability to resist as the craving grows in intensity and frequency.

In fact, research shows that a vast majority of kids have gambled before their 18th birthday, and that children may be more likely to develop problems related to gambling than adults! Nationally, gambling is legal for anyone aged 21 and over. However, in many states, youths aged 18 and over can participate in most forms of casino gambling. And some states even allow youths under the age of 18 to participate in a few forms of gambling, such as placing bets at the track.

Youth also participate in illegal forms of gambling, such as gambling on the Internet, with friends and family, or betting on sports. It is generally accepted that people with one addiction are at a higher risk to develop another. Problem gamblers are more likely to have, or develop a problem with, alcohol or drugs.

This is not, however, a guarantee: some problem gamblers never experience any other addiction because no other substance or activity gives them the same feeling that gambling does. The amount of money lost does not determine when gambling becomes a problem. Why do I Gamble? Gambling can be a great form of entertainment, but it can also lead to serious problems. If your gambling has caused you problems, now is the time to take back control of your life and help yourself get on the road to recovery!

It takes tremendous strength and courage to do this — especially if you have lost a lot of money and strained or broken relationships along the way. But take solace in the knowledge that you are not alone — millions of people have had to face the very same problem.

Once you have taken the first step, you should seek treatment. Because each person is unique and gambles for different reasons, what works for one person may not necessarily work for the next. For this reason, each person should go through a recovery program tailored specifically to their own needs. Below are some of the different treatment options available in California. And remember: therapists and counselors have had years of education learning about problems such as addiction.

Seeking treatment does not mean you are too weak to handle your problems on your own — it means you are smart enough to accept that you need to learn more about them before you can fix them. A sponsor is a former gambler who has time and experience remaining free from addiction, and can often provide invaluable guidance and support. If gambling has become a problem for you, one of the first steps in your recovery is to stop gambling while you regain control of your life.

As with all addictions, the best way to avoid relapsing into your addiction after you have received treatment is abstinence. It is strongly recommended that if gambling has caused problems in your life, you should stop gambling permanently.

Researchers are split on whether or not recovering addicts can ever gamble responsibly again. But almost all researchers agree on a few points:. If your gambling is causing you problems, take the following steps to take control back of your life. Ask for help You do not have to handle your issue with gambling on your own.

Seek Additional Support Try talking to someone that has gone through the same situation as you. Click here to find Gamblers Anonymous meetings in your area. Set goals Short- and long-term goals help you stay focused during your recovery. Avoid high-risk situations Avoid meeting at gambling venues to socialize and gambling as a reaction to emotions — they will weaken your resolve to control or stop your gambling.

Talk about it Discuss your gambling problems openly with somebody you trust and trust not to judge you for example, your sponsor. Opening up to them will ease the pressure of bottling everything up, and can reduce the stresses that lead you to gamble. Face your feelings Recognizing that gambling is a problem in your life can cause feelings of guilt or shame.

But blaming or judging yourself will just increase stress and could make you want to gamble even more. Acknowledging the problem and taking steps to seek help can help you change your life for the better. Acknowledge your achievements and write them down to remind yourself of the strong and courageous thing you are doing. Try to find an alternative to gambling Having too much free time can result in the temptation to gamble. Find an alternative recreational activity or hobby to replace the time you spent gambling.

Prepare for a lapse A lapse occurs when you gamble again after deciding to stop. Many people experience lapses, but! If a lapse occurs, figure out why and work to prevent it from happening again. Trying to pay back a mountain of debt can seem overwhelming at times, and the stress caused by the debt can sometimes tempt you into gambling — a counterproductive action which will usually just generate more debt.

Repaying your debts will help you rebuild self-esteem and aid you to maintain your recovery by reminding you of the consequences of your actions. Begin by making a list of all your debts and developing a plan to pay them back. You should also tell your family and friends about your plan, and ask them to support your efforts by not loaning you money. While working to repay your debts, you should be open to taking on a second part-time job. The children of problem gamblers often receive less attention and nurturing at home as a result of the amount of time the parents spend gambling.

This can lead to feelings of abandonment, anger or depression and the children may blame themselves for problems in the home. This can result in the child withdrawing or acting out. Children who grow up in a household with a problem gambler are also at higher risk of developing the problem themselves later on. Having the love and support of a caring adult will improve their chances of growing up healthy and problem-free. Children often get confused about their feelings for a parent who has a gambling problem.

The key points of the conversations should include:. Children need to feel safe and secure. This is accomplished, in part, by establishing a sense of structure and consistency in their lives through regular routines and activities. The keys to a successful recovery include surrounding yourself with people who will provide support yet hold you accountable, finding healthy alternative activities to gambling and avoiding tempting environments i.

Cravings It is normal to get urges — often strong urges — to gamble when you are in recovery. The urges can be difficult to resist, but it gets easier as you learn to make healthier choices and build your support network. When you feel an urge to gamble:. Recovering from a gambling addiction is not easy, and you may slip from time to time; the important thing is to learn from your mistakes and continue working towards recovery!

Triggers Unpleasant feelings such as stress, depression, loneliness, fear, or anxiety can trigger compulsive gambling or make it worse. After a stressful day at work or an argument with your spouse or coworker, an evening of gambling may seem like a fun, exciting way to unwind. But there are healthier and far less expensive ways to keep unpleasant feelings in check. These may include:. An important element of recovery is to find alternate ways to handle these bad feelings without gambling.

Finding healthy activities to replace the time you spent gambling is a large part of maintaining your recovery. Below are some examples of why people gamble, and healthy alternatives to address your needs:. No matter how strong the urge is to gamble, you cannot do it without four things: time, money, access and a decision detailed below. Recognizing the needs of a gambler is the first step in this process.

Money or Other Items of Value You cannot gamble unless you have something to wager. Time Gambling takes time — sometimes a lot of it! Keep yourself busy as possible with things you enjoy that are not related to gambling. Examples include:. Access You cannot gamble unless you have something to bet on. Restrict your access to gambling as much as you can:.

The Decision Before you gamble, you must first make the decision to gamble. The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only. Only a professional can diagnose a gambling problem. CCPG does not provide diagnostic, treatment or referral services through the Internet, and accepts no responsibility for such use. Please call GAMBLER , or contact your physician, a local addiction or mental health agency for more information about problem gambling.

Are you, or someone you care for, gambling too much? A counselor is available to provide confidential assistance 24 hours a day, at no cost to you. Problem Gamblers. First Section Below Problem Gambling. Second Section Below Help Yourself. Third Section Below Maintaining Recovery. Problem Gambling. About Problem Gambling. Understanding Problem Gambling. Understanding Problem Gambling Most people are able to gamble for fun and entertainment.

If you, or someone you know, have any of the signs or symptoms listed above, you should take a self-assessment test : You may have a gambling problem You are a teenager who may have a gambling problem Someone you know may have a gambling problem. Risk Factors for Developing a Gambling Problem. Risk Factors for Developing a Gambling Problem Gambling is meant to be played for fun and entertainment. Stages of Gambling. Stages of Gambling Gambling problems develop and worsen over time, similar to alcoholism or substance abuse.

Afflicted with this most severe form of gambling problems, they are unable to control the urge to gamble despite the harm it causes. These people are more likely to use gambling to escape from their problems or to get relief from anxiety. False Superstitions. False Superstitions Most problem gamblers share certain superstitious beliefs and behaviors. Signs You May Have a Problem. Gambler's Self-Assessment. Risk Groups. Senior Citizens. Senior Citizens For many, gambling is a fun activity, but for those who become addicted to gambling, it is a devastating disease.

Why are Senior Citizens more susceptible to gambling problems? Women Women are now the fastest growing population seeking help for gambling problems, and nearly one third of all problem gamblers are women. Youth Risk factors are reasons, events or traits that increase the risk of young adults engaging in problem behaviors, including problem gambling. College Students. College Students The college population currently has the highest rate of compulsive gamblers followed by teenagers.

Accessibility of cash credit cards, etc. Casino-style games poker, blackjack, etc. Online gambling enables you to gamble without anyone else knowing. As of May , there are no legal internet casino operators in the United States. This means that you do not have US laws to protect you. But with internet sites, there is a delay between the time when you cash out and the time you receive your money — often as long as several days or even weeks.

Student Athletes. Student athletes may not place any bet of any sort on any college or professional sports event, or even fantasy sports. Student athletes may not give information to anyone who does place bets on college or professional sports. Fifteen of 22 fraternities turned up in records of an illegal gambling ring on campus. Societal Impact of Problem Gambling. Impacts of Problem Gambling. Impacts of Problem Gambling Problem gambling is a devastating disease which can affect anyone regardless of age, economic background, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.

The impacts of problem gambling include: For the gambler: Mental health problems Depression, anxiety, stressed, reduced self-worth, suicidal thoughts Cross-Addiction Increased use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc. Physical health problems Insomnia, headaches, back or neck pain, lung problems, stomach upset, etc.

School or work problems Absenteeism, decreased productivity, stealing, etc. Financial problems Loss of income, inability to pay bills, increased debt, bankruptcy, etc. Social problems Arguments, strained relationships, failure to meet responsibilities, alienation, separation, divorce, physical or mental abuse, etc. For family, loved ones and friends: Verbal and physical abuse Which can lead to arguments, strained relationships, alienation, separation, divorce, loneliness, isolation and loss of self-esteem Financial crisis Large financial burden placed on family members; money lent or stolen and not repaid to friends or coworkers Betrayal Failure to deliver on promises, lying, etc.

Impact on Families. Impact on Families Gambling problems can remain hidden for a long time, so many families are shocked when they learn how much money has been lost. Apathy, withdrawal or isolation Try to make them feel guilt or shame Defensive, making apologies to family and friends or employee Controlling, trying to physically or emotionally set limits on the gambler Blaming them These reactions are perfectly normal; however, be aware that they can enables the gambler or results in them hiding the problem.

Many of the same problems are experienced by both the gambler and the family, including: Loss of money, savings, property or belongings Feelings of hurt, shame, anger, fear, confusion or mistrust. Isolation or loss of intimacy Loss of friendships due to unpaid debts or feelings of betrayal.

Anxiety, depression or thoughts of suicide Stress-related physical problems headaches, muscle pains, poor sleep, ulcers, bowel problems, etc. Burnout caused by one person trying to manage the entire problem alone The fallout from gambling problems can also lead to severe depression. Impact on Children. Impact on Children When a parent or guardian has a gambling problem, the child ren in their care can feel forgotten, depressed and angry. Impact on the Workplace. Impact on the Workplace Just a generation ago, legal gambling was limited to a couple of places and problem gamblers were viewed as oddities.

Listening to or watching sports events while on the job. Making books for other employees, including employer. Receiving phone calls or visits from bookies, creditors, or gambling friends at work. Arranging card games for money during lunch hour or breaks. Decrease in capability and efficiency. Preoccupied, lack of concentration, assignments frequently not completed. Complains about family or other personal problems, especially money difficulties.

Other common employee gambling activities include: Sports pools Other betting pools birthdays, birth weights, etc. Telephone gambling Internet gambling Spread betting Playing cards Impact and Prevention Employee gambling in the workplace can result in significant lost time and productivity by employees, and may even result in theft, fraud or embezzlement.

Impacts on the Community. Impacts on the Community Each problem gambler adversely affects the lives of at least seven to eight other people who are close to him or her. Job loss, unemployment Debt, bankruptcy Embezzlement, fraud, check forgery Eviction, forced home sales or foreclosure Crime, arrest, incarceration Poor physical and mental health Suicide.

Impacts on Crime and Suicide. Impacts on Crime and Suicide Throughout history, gambling addiction has resulted in the highest rate of suicides for any addiction and caused desperate people to resort to crime to pay their debts or continue gambling. Frequently Asked Questions. What is Problem Gambling? Adult gamblers self-assessment questions Teen gambler self-assessment questions Assess if someone you know may have a gambling problem by answering self-assessment questions for them.

What are the Types of Problem Gambling? Action gamblers may also gamble to escape problems. Help Yourself. People with gambling problems might spend excessive amounts of time gambling. Treatment for Problem Gambling. Start Making Changes. Stuart is admitted to Castle Craig with a serious gambling and alcohol addiction. After a spell in detox, he starts to address his alcohol addiction by working through the first five steps of the AA programme.

He later transfers to extended care where he begins to focus on his gambling problem. It follows the process of asking:. Usually gamblers are not facing the reality of losing bets and they have cognitive distortions to do with luck — they are always chasing the big win.

Will winning bets get me the self-esteem and respect that I need? Attitude change. Learning problem-solving skills such as debt management and social skills such as assertiveness and refusal, impulse control. He has of course addressed his alcohol addiction at Castle Craig and an continuing care plan is set up for this as well. They would be well advised not to do so.

A visit to the local casino or the return to internet gambling sites have been the cause of many a drugs relapse. Contact us for caring and confidential advice from one of our specialists. Our expert team can help you. I want a free assessment. Please leave this field empty. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Call Us Now: Problem gambling — a lose lose situation Gambling addiction has changed a lot over the past 10 years. There are estimated to be ,, , problem gamblers in the UK and this figure is rising. Online gambling — a fast-growing problem Gambling, especially online gambling , is one of the fastest growing addictions in the world today. Financial spread betting online There is more variety available online — poker, casinos, sports betting, bingo, lotteries, mobile phone gambling.

It follows the process of asking: What is going on?


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