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Betting and gaming commission barbados advocate

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Peter fs St. James one ay ms ; parts and St. Lucy 9 parts. This is the vest bill fish to be caught since years sein season began and it carried into the Public Mar- the past week a total Ibs of fish was brought the market. Of this 17, g were fying fish, 3, lbs.

They, er, brought back fair antity of fish. British Council are present- an unusual programme in 1 broadcast feature, rid: cellany. Murphy on Thursday ming. Kinch was at the resi- nce of his mother. When he rd that P. Murphy was on trail he quickly ran away. C, Murphy ran after him and a chese thiough St. James St. Thomas, Kinch dis- wed into the hills of St. While P. Murphy was ing chase Kinch threw stones. Peter, but again Dut ng p59 a away. The Advocate sived this information from a ident of Jackson.

A woman who was seen ling these hangers yesterday d the Advocate that she was ing that job since World War She always sells them for the er and then receives a com- ion for selling them. The play is produced Howard Rose and arranged broadcasting by M. Road, tonight begins O'clock,. Son is free in uniform. Servants Get Loans In St.. Vineent St. Vincent is the first colony to have a scheme financed by a source other than Government, Mr.

John L. Chapman, M. He said that the scheme was administered by a Board on which there was a representative of the Civil Service Association ani added that Mr. Theobalds now Assistant Director of Educa- tion here, Board. Vincent, Mr. Vincent in building, acquiring, enlarging and repairing homes for themselves and families, This highly creditable achievement whereby a relatively large sum 9f money was put into circulation, new wealth created, and the officers concerned enabled to be- come property owners, was large- ly brought about by the enter- prise and tenacity of purpose of the St.

Vincent Civil Service Association. Appropriate During the current week when Civil Servants from all parts of the British Caribbean area were gathered in Barbados to consider matters making for the improve- meng of the Public Services gen- erally, and, in the larger sense, of the well being of the people oi these islands, it was particularly appropriate that reference be made to this achievement. Some seven years ago, the Civil Servants of St. Vincent anproach- ed their Government with a re- quest for financial assistance to secure homes, The difficulty they then complained of, was one which was common to the aren.

Briefly put, he said that it amount- ed to the fact that with very few exceptions, the Government Officer found it impossible to effect voluntary savings with which to provide a home for him- self and family against the day cf retirement from the Service.

The petitioners were informed that Government did not see its way to make the required funds available. Three years later, the Officers returned to the attack, but were met with a similar re- ply. Just about that time, a subsidiary organisation of Bar- clays Bank, namely, Barclays Overseas Development Cor- poration began functioning in these parts, and the Civil Service Association of St. Vincent ap- proached the local Bank Manage! Sanction At a later stage, Government joined in the negotiations and after many ups and downs, a Bill based on the Trinidad Hous- ing Loans Ordinance was passed by the Legislature and put into operation.

Cash ad- vances were made to the borrower as the erection of the building progressed. The idea of standard types of houses built of prefabricated me- terials, was suggested, but dic not find favour. The wisdom of the decision to allow borrowers to erect houses of their own design, was amply demonstrated by the variety G?

A, up to March 31 ac- cording to the Progress Report of the U. Workers Saving Branch. Hanschell yesterday. He was found guilty of driving the motor car X on Black Rock at a greater speed than 30 miles per hour. The offence was committed on April 1. NEW wonx. They are almost ready to irtroduce a chewing gum con- taining the drugs which are sup- posed to remove the symptoms of a cold within a few hours. Basket Ball at Y.

They expect to canclude their deliberations today. It was also decided that the several Associations should exam- ine all the schemes operating in their colonies for the training of Civil Servants with a view to having such schemes brought on a uniform basis.

A resolution was having for its object, sion of plans for Health Services for Civil Servants in the several colonies. Sun Mont is here loading 3, tons of sugar for Canada. This vessel arrived on Wednesday from Trinidad and will clear port tomorrow for Canada. Plantations Ltd. Another ship of this line, motor vessel Benny, brought 1, sacks of Keystone flour for Barbados from St. John, New Brunswick. This shipment of flour has come to Messrs. The flour was quickly dis- charged and the Benny sailed for Trinidad yesterday evening.

The ropes used to haul it up snapped both times and the yawl sank again to the ocean bed. The first trial was made around 11 a. When the Yawl was about 3 feet from its former position, the ropes broke. The workmen started on it again at 1. Again the ropes broke and the Yawl sank. Ipana and Marea Hen- vette. Gascogne yesterday. Two of them were from South- ampton and the others from Mar- tinique.

Only five passengers took this ship for Trinidad. It is expected to return on April 26 en route to England. Jones are agents. The wreckage was moving in the direction of the Bocas and it is believed thai it wiii drift West- ward to the Caribbean. Today Alberia Mr. He and tus wife are staying at the Marine Hotel. An oil pipe line, 1, miles long is now being built from Ed- monton, Alberta to the head of the Great Lakes in order to carry the oil from Alberia to Ontario. This line was expected to v q finished by the end of the year and would handle about , barrels a day.

Tanner who was att elected a member of the Leg. He is very active in Scout work and is Provincial Scout Commis- sioner. He is probably one among the 1, a week who produced ideas during the war, including the erection of anti-aircraft guns on the top of cumulus clouds. Even if the salts were sprinkled on the surrounding water they would make little difference, since bubbles are buoyant vessels.

The West Berlin City Assembly teday unanimously requested all four Allied Commandants to ap- prove the city-wide free elections under inter-allied control, and under the same conditions of free- dom for the Press as at the Elections. Thomas when the St. Sandiford, V, k. Reeves, C. Collins and D. Thorne, J. Mahon and A.

Gill and J. Thorne form the new Building Committee. Ownership tax remains the same as last year, 23 per ceni. When Mr. Mahon was appoint- ed Chairman of the Hurricane Relief Committee, he said that he would not refuse the post then, but he intended to withdraw his chairmanship if funds for the running of the organization were not forthcoming as had been the case last year. Another member of the Vestry should be Guardian so that he would afterwards be Churechwarden. That Vestry was the only Vestry which elected a Churechwarden as Poor Law Guardian om the year following his retirement.

Sandiford, however, was elected a Poor Law Guardian. The Vestry decided to write ihe Colonial Secretary asking wheth- er, in case they accepted the amount offered to build a piay- ing-field, they would get subse- quent amounts in the following years.

Playing Fields The Vestry came to that decision when they were discussing the re- port of a Select Committee which had been appointed to interview the Governor concerning grants to build a playing-field for St. Thom- as.

It was decided that if they were to be given subsequent grants, they would build the playing-field and the following two years enclose it and build a pavilion. If they were not to be given subsequent grants, they would seek the advice of the two representatives for the parish in the House of Assembly, Mr.

Mapp and Dr. Cummins, as the sum offered was inadequate. Churchwarden, and Mr, S. Walcott were elected Poor Law Guardians. The larger parishes like St. Philip, Christ Church and St. Michael, he said, were benefiting by the population. His Excellency had asked them not to discard the grant, but to put the matter back to the Vestry ask them to reconsider and ar- range an alternative plan.

If there were any prospects of getting fu- ture grants they could do the work piecemeal. The original plan was to complete the whole construction one time, but they could build the field the first year, the pavilion the next year and enclose them during the third year.

He said that the playing field would have to be enclosed, so that, in case of games, a gate fee could be collected. They had been told that the playing-field would be supported during the first year Since they did not know if support would be given in the following years, the gate fee would help to pay the groundsman, Mr.

Walcott said that as matters stood, it meant that St. Thomas would always be behind the other parishes. He suggested that they should seek the advice of the two representatives of the parish. Mahon said that they should ask the Colonial Secretary whether subsequent grants would be given before they sought the advice of the two representatives If grants were to be given during the two following years, they would not need the advice.

Before the new Churchwarden was elected, Mr. Minor repatrs had been done to the parish church. He suggested that the chancel of the parish church should be plastered immediately. Members said that since the medical officer of the other parishes were getting increases, they too, would have to do the same.

Charles Beckles who was an island constable of Blades Hill, St. Philip dfed at the General Hospital on April 17 after he was found lying in atrench in an unconscious condition at Marley Vale, St. Philip on Sunday April 16, Dr. Massiah who perform- ed the post mortem said he ex- amined the body of Charlies Beckles at the General Hospital Mortuary on April Reed identified the body to him and his apparent age was He had minor bruises on his forehead, nose and mouth. There was a deep wound on the left hand and in his opinion death was due to cerebral haemorrhage received from an injury to the head.

Questioned by the jury whether the bruises on the forehead could have been received by a blow dealt by an attacker or by a fall, Dr. Massiah said it is more likely to be caused by a fall on anything protruding.

Philip where he saw a man whom he knew. He was in an unconscious condition. Where Beckles was lying there was a rough stone with patches of blood on it. At the same point there was a continuous scratch for about 18 feet.

He saw a mark which appeared to be that of a bicycle tyre and it measured six feet and ended at the side ofthe road where Beckles was lying. Bits of Gravel With the help of other people he lifted him into the Police van which took him to the General Hospital. He was still in an un- conscious condition. On the fol- lowing day he identified the body to Dr. Beckles used to ride a bicycle and was never seen riding it too fast.

She last saw him on April 16 alive when he left her house riding a bicycle pbout 4am. She went to the spot and saw him there bleeding from the head in an unconscious state. His bicy- cle was on the ground by his feet and a torchlight which was still burning. She took the cycle and torchlight to her home. The chain was off the sprocket. There was a hill near where lying. Samuel Griffith said that about 5. He went to it and saw aman lying in the trench ap- parently unconscious.

He shouted to him but received no answer, A bicycle was on the ground and one foot was over the bar. He later recognised the man as Beckles. He was lying on his side when he first saw him in the trench. He cannot say if Beckles was intoxicated. Island Constable Beckles should increase his income or allow him to charge the labourers more for his services. Collins expressed the same view. Mr, Thorne said that the labourers should be made to bear some of the strain and the taxpayers should be eased by allowing the doctor to increase his charges on the labourers and allow his salary to remain as it was, The Christ Church Vestry had asked the St.

Thomas Vestry to appoint some members to discuss with them and other Vestries, ways of raising money to offset the loss which resulted fron. Occupancy Tax. Thomas Vestry decided that they had not been greatly effected by the abolition of the pen Tax and had no need to join the proposed discussions. Hastings Rocks tonight at 8 o'clock. Jones, Assistant Manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce will be leaving shortly to take up the manage- ment of a branch in Canada.

Jones has made a large number of friends here and will be much missed in social and yachting circles. He was the organiser of the Yacht Club which now has its headquarters sat Shot Hall. SHEER 48 in. Helps sweeten ond seitle the stomach. I'M res! Add salt. Wheo boil- ea ms if y 6. This is the day of sad remembrance, and bitter to recall, the one we love was taken, By a short and sudden call, No one knows how much we miss ker, one knows the bitter pain, will never be the same.

All Garage. Phone 8 to 4 p. Washing tanks, and man other faeilities, concreted throughout. Se appointment. Phone E are aoe will be set competition at the office of the under- signed on Friday the 28th. James Street. Recently sd and overhauled. Carter, phone oo eng Low land rent. Phone Owner at Saloon a in really good order. G, Sports Model, in good The above will be set up to public Tunning order, new tyres and. No reasonable offer refused. Apply Jef- frey Kirton, Phone Pully Rees s.

Fully ture bedrooms,. Sea, Welches, Max. Dial From May ist for four For further particulars Phone of after Salary, on Government Scale,. Applications stating qualifications and experience andy subjects offered, should reach the Headmistress not later than May 3ist. Law- rence, Christ Church. Must be a good housekeeper and have apply to owner, 4 p. Send or. No previous experience necessary, Write today for beautiful free Sample Book to Britain's largest and foremost Publishers; highest commission, marvellous money making opportunity.

July, Free quarters suitable for retired married couple together with light and telephone. Clair Club, 11 Maraval Road. Dean Hutchinson Dial Michael Cathedral. Christian A. Dean Inspection any day between 10 a. Hutson Ltd. Unplanted land suitable for cocoa, cocoanuts and bana- nas. Situated 7 miles from Castries on Government main road which runs le miles through the land.

Excellent house- site feet above sea-level with a neverfailing spring near by. Electricity available from power plant on nearby estate. Apply G. Avbly: J. It drawing and din- At Derricks, Paynes Bay, St. James, also wooden garage for two cars, servants room, servants toilet fowl run. So Price 17c. Place their services at your disposal for the Sale of any property. I hereby authorise Herbert Gaskin, to collect all debts due and owing to me.

Signed J. Leaving School Next Term? Apply now in writing givihg full aun. Advocat a1. Obtainable at all Goo Drug Stores. Insist on Alexandrina, Sch. Everdene, Sch. John Halifax Montreal. All vessels fitted with cold storage chain- Agents: P wee Marie bale. M Merrie Jut bers. Fiasiar, Mx. Jorge Rocs i a] id. Paulette Williem:, Me , 12 toms, Capt.

Tala: Agents: My. Basil V. The M. Hazel Seott, 30 tons net, Capt. Vincent, Agents Sch. Roose- The M. Ld advise Troppes, SS. April Lucia by the Sch. Megna, s. S lady Rodney s S. North Britain, S s! Benny, S s. Fue 5. SP Mission lantic Ranger, S. Petro ae ary Mails at Byfiond, S.

S Iv 2ist. April , Bakke, S. Lady Nelson, S. Katy, SS. Indore ' s Sorensen, S. Argentina, SS. Ade- Explorer. Ps a Mr. Peasant Saas! Strmsbourg, SS Juvens! The G Ss Clark S. Thallepus, S. Wharf, SS. W yi ey. Pollard, Mr. Cyril 1 j From St. Ronald Abercrom! Jacano Randal gene, Claud Philip,, Lt. Lloyd Mattheson, Mrs. Matheson, Mr Ronald Mrs. Adams, M. P i : From Antigua; Mr. Warre a 7 ee oe 'S. April 19th. Viewing 4 p.

Advertising Department hawt c yy any day. BEARD ; f? A, 2 Ms, Aue tianeers beecees. T Gap on. All tanks are of welded steel canstruction. Capacity Thickness Size Dia. Lgth Capacities and Shape 16, Imp. They had Named For jmany chances but never maa ; be refreshed, would most likely not be taken up with other busi- ness, and could therefore con- centrate more on the matters of Also.

Lucas who was un. Lucas still con- Oval yesterday afternoon. Stollmeyer, A. M Worrell E Weekes, R. Elliott Douglin speaking at the funeral on Friday. Having seen him at work in Guyana recently, this Caribbean statesman gave us no hint of an imminent demise because we had become so accustomed to his resilience, grit and wisdom. We received the news with shock and mourn his passing alongside our br others and sisters in Barbados and the rest of our region.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his family, colleagues and all the people of Barbados but we all should be comforted that this Caribbean giant came from us and for decades, made a lasting contribution to our progress and for that we will continue to remember him in the annals of our history. The vision he had in terms of integrating the Caribbean will always be remembered and I will always have the greatest amount of respect for him. His last role as the Chairman of LIAT is not an enviable position to be in but despite how difficult it was, even at this late stage he was willing to take it on.

I know that he was not just doing it for Barbados, he was doing it for all of us in the Caribbean. He is going to be missed. Honourable Owen Seymour Arthur, messages of condolence and tributes poured in from all across the region and from farther across the globe. Political leaders and state and non-governmental officials all requested the opportunity to share their thoughts on a great man. Here then in the next few pages are some of their thoughts on his passing.

He loved Jamaica and we therefore feel his loss in a very special way. He was convinced of the innate ability of the countries of the region, working together, to create wealth and to achieve and sustain high standards of the living for their citizens. An economist by training, Owen Arthur believed passionately that the greatest asset of the Caribbean nations are their people. He was a tireless campaigner in the cause of preserving the health and social wellbeing of the Caribbean people while investing in their education and training in order to unlock their full potential for sustainable personal, national and regional development.

It was in Jamaica he learnt that strong economic fundamentals and the astute management of government finances are not objectives in and of themselves, but are prerequisites for continuous investment in human social development. Within the Commonwealth, he contributed immensely to the discourse on Small Island States and led international assignments. Owen was never timid in articulating the social and economic injustices meted out to Caribbean peoples and highlighting the historical obstacles with which our societies have had to contend in our decades-old quest for independence, self-determination, survival and growth.

In internal diplomatic exchanges, in the halls of global international financial institutions and in other corridors of power, he was an unrelenting advocate of fair and differential treatment for Caribbean nations as a means of remedying some of those historical imbalances. Working relations I had the privilege to have served alongside Owen Arthur in the shared pursuit of economic development for our respective countries and peoples and in achiev ing some of the tangible benefits that accrue from cultural exchange, policy coordination, functional cooperation and economic integration under the auspices of our Caribbean Community.

Owen laid solid foundations for sustainable social and economic development in order to achieve the fruits of economic growth and lasting prosperity for the people of Barbados and the Caribbean. His intimate knowledge of Jamaica was remarkable and he used every opportunity to visit portions of the island to enjoy our cuisine and indulge in domino games as well as stimulating conversations. I offer sincere condolences to his wife, daughters and other members of his family and to the Government and people of Barbados on the passing of an icon of Caribbean social, economic and political advocacy and a true champion of Caribbean regional integration.

Honourable Owen Arthur very well, but I certainly knew enough of his seminal contributions in the several spheres in which I moved to admir e him and be proud that he was my Prime Minister. He was an indefatigable champion of The UWI, for which legions of past and future students will be eternally grateful.

Amidst the natural and welcome outpouring of grief for the passing of a na tional statesman of iconic stature, I know that ther e ar e hosts of Barbadians throughout the world who will recall with pride not only what he did at home but also his standing in global and r egional affairs. He argued persistently that the common vulnerability and volatility of small states such as Barbados merited particular attention. When the international community speaks of the vulnerability of small states and the index by which it should be measur ed, the name of Owen Arthur will always be recalled with gratitude.

I admired him for his ability to be at once a fier cely proud Barbadian and simultane ously be a constant and dogmatic cham pion of the regional ideal which had no doubt been if not forged, certainly forti fied in the Mona V alley. I admir ed him for the persistence with which he abjured jingoistic nationalism and put his shoulder against the Sisyphean rock of integra tion.

I applauded his frequent, brilliant exposition of the value and virtue of functional cooperation as the glue to bind the Caribbean people mor e closely together and be a platform for the mor e difficult areas of cooperation. He believed that functional cooperation should indeed permeate the work of every council and institution of the community. I know very intimately of his firm and unshakable commitment to such cooperation in health.

Its success over the years and the progress the region has made in combatting this disease collectively is an other one of the tributes to his memory. He was acutely awar e that these diseases could possibly unravel the development gains made in other areas. The Declaration of that meet ing stands as a milestone in the interna tional cooperation to prevent and control these diseases. The Most Hon.

Arthur, who passed away on July 27, , at the age of Peter by-election in , which he lost by one vote, invalidated by the court and fought over, thereby ensuring him an emphatic election to Parliament; or in being the leader of the parliamentary opposition in when the historic no-confidence motion brought an end to the Democratic Labour Party Government of Erskine Sandiford; or more recently, as in the year when he experienced mo mentarily the resurrection as Opposition Leader when the group replaced the then leader in his favour.

Stuart recalled that whatever role Mr. Arthur was performing as a politician, he brought the full resources of a powerful intellect to bear on that role. Arthur presided over the destiny of Barbados with levelheadedness and resolve. Arthur as an unrepentant regionalist who believed fervently in possibilities of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy.

He was, in fact, one of the architects and a spirit-filled evangelist of the Revised Treaty Of Chaguaramas. He enjoyed political combat and gave as good as he got in those joustings, which are a defining featur e of Westminster-style parliamentary politics. Arthur served Barbados and the people of St. Peter for making his vast and varied opportunities possible. Like all prime ministers he embodied our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations.

Like all Prime Ministers he bore our grievances, our disgruntlements and our disappointments. He never wavered. Stuart said, further expressing sympathy to Mr. Owen Arthur. His leadership in operationalising the CARICOM Single Market is but one of his enduring legacies, and the region is the beneficiary of his commitment to getting that project underway. The UWI is proud of its distinguished alumnus, who was fearless and outspoken on issues of reticence by member countries of CARICOM to embrace closer integration and his voice in support of the full realisation of the dream of the found ing fathers will be sorely missed.

He will be fondly and respectfully remembered for his political acuity and skilful management of the affairs of his beloved Barbados, both as Prime Minister and in Opposition. My sincer e condolences are extended to his immediate family and the people of Barbados. May he r est in peace. Our thoughts and prayers ar ewith his family and the people of Barbados in this period of mourning. I r emember when I first met Prime Minister Arthur in I fondly r emember our numerous interactions.

He was charming, honest, and charismatic. I admired his sharp wit, keen intellect, and warm smile. Over the years, we appreciated his candid, yet pr udent advice on enhancing US-Barbados relations. He saw boundless possibility in the futur e of the Caribbean. Domestically , his economic policies provided opportunities for thousands of Barbadians.

His legacy will continue to inspir e leaders in Barbados, the United States, and across the world. Professor Arthur had a very keen inter est in sport and followed the exploits of our athletes closely. However, his signal contribution to sport in Barbados was the establishment of the Barbados Lottery. He provided special tax concessions to facilitate the merger of the three existing lotteries to form the Barbados Lottery which today is the lifeblood of the BOA.

Earlier this year Professor Arthur visited the Barbados Olympic Centre to deliver a lecture to a sport administration class at the Olympic Academy, a manifestation of his continued inter est in sports and our or ganisation. That sharp and witty intellect of which so many have spoken was very evident as was his pr ofound understanding of what it takes to develop sport in Barbados and produce world class athletes. The Olympic Academy is grateful that this class of young sports administrators had the rar e opportunity to hear and exchange views with him on the development of sport.

To them, and to all his family and friends, we extend condolences as we bid farewell to an outstanding Barbadian and dear friend of sport. Thereafter, we regularly sought and received information from concerned knowledgeable sources as to his condition, and prayerfully hoped for his r ecovery.

Having served as his Personal Aide from , and remaining in his employ until he demitted active politics in , I am honoured to recount some observations of our relationship. Though we share common maternal ancestry, my early memories of the Professor, as I fondly saluted him, are of his initiation into elective politics in and of his modest mode of transport for that purpose.

There is no gainsaying the young charming brilliant son of Doll and Frank Arthur who had recently returned from the UWI Mona was recognised by T om Adams for his intellectual prowess and economic genius as an asset not only to the constituency of St.

Peter, but also to the nation as a whole. His determination even at a game was most evident. Notably, Frank was himself an avid reader with preference for articles in the London Times and he passed on this love for reading to young Owen. Our nascent relationship r emained steadfast and without fanfare from that time until on a Thursday afternoon in May, when then , Prime Minister Arthur telephoned and much to my amazement, asked me to meet with him at his office the following morning at 9.

What for? At that time I was happily serving in a quasi appellate capacity with Town Planning Department. Startled with apprehension, I rose to my feet, thanked him for the offer, and answered in the affirmative. Thus began a relationship which sadly ended on Monday last. But has it really? Professor Arthur possessed a fastidious wardrobe, a plethora of neck ties, and always presented an immaculately attired persona.

The last time I saw the late Errol Barrow was in in Barbados when we spoke of many things including how diabetes could debilitate and diminish a man. He was prescient. The last time I saw the late Owen Arthur was last year at an alumni function when we spoke of many things, but he also be r eferr ed to the pr oblem of diabetes and its complications.

He too was prescient. When the tears have dried and the laudable pomp and ceremony to mark his passing have r eceded into history, there will be many important accomplishments of his public life that will be etched into the annals of Barbadian history. But I will venture to propose that he also be remembered fittingly by a firm and unshakable Caribbean commitment to ensuring that the func tional cooperation that is needed to reduce the toll of these diseases and make our health span equal to our lifespan, never flags or fails.

I of fer my condolences especially to his wife and daughters and trust that the knowledge of how much he was loved and appreciated as evidenced by the many tributes to him, go some small way towar ds dulling the pain and assuaging the grief that is yours. I learnt exactly how he liked his coffee. I shall remember him, particularly as the caring person and compassionate leader who eschewed a profound love and devotion for the people he served.

Finally, Professor Arthur was neither too assured nor aloof to, as was his wont, seek my own recall of certain events, nor indeed my opinion of matters at hand. For this he was fully appreciative, and I always r elished the opportunity to communicate with him.

This has not been an easy period for me nor, as I know for many others. I wish to publicly thank all those persons who telephoned with consoling messages. I extend my sincere sympathy to his sorrowing wife Julie, his daughters, his siblings and other members of his family. Professor, it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye. It was under the Owen Arthur administration that the BCSI was formed, with a view of creating an umbrella institution for the advocacy and development of the international competitiveness of the Services Sector in Barbados.

However, one of the less public motivations behind the creation of the BCSI by the Arthur administration, also related to the engagement with the Barbadian Diaspora. However, he indicated that it was his vision when conceptualizing the BCSI to engage the expertise of such persons as part of a BCSI-led consortium of Barbadian Consultants, who could generate for eign exchange and grow the Professional Services Sector of Barbados.

Such was the vision of Professor Arthur. He was a shining example of the innovative and creative individual that he expected every Barbadian to become. He was never afraid to use any tool at his disposal to achieve his outcomes, and he was not one to give up when conventional methods failed. Professor Arthur had a vision for a globally competitive and firstworld Barbados economy and dedicated his life towards this cause. As an institution which was established in accordance with this vision, the BCSI holds the view that the gr eatest tribute we as a country can pay to his memory is to try to emulate his example.

This will ensure that his vision becomes a r eality and his legacy lives on. This is the only sustainable way of achieving the world-class society to which the Late Pr ofessor dedicated his life. Finally, we wish to take this opportunity to offer our sincer e condolences to his family , former constituents and friends in St.

Peter, across the nation of Barbados and indeed to the wider Caribbean Community, where his contribution towar ds the Regional Integration Movement was outstanding. May he Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory. His journey, from one of the illustrious Three Blind Mice to the highest political office in the land is well known.

Possessing a brilliant mind, acerbic wit, and razor sharp tongue combined with an intellectual brilliance and street smarts that is not frequently seen, Owen Arthur led Barbados fr om to , assuming leadership at a time not too dissimilar from the decade of economic decline from which we are working steadfastly to emerge. Prime Minister Arthur managed the economic affairs of Barbados during a global economic recession, two Gulf Wars, the ef fects of the 91 1 terrorist attacks on the United States and the global health crises of SARS and foot and mouth disease leaving a legacy of sus tained economic growth during his tenure.

Prime Minister Arthur was a champion of education and fervently believed that through education and the opportunities it provides, there would be that natural economic movement and progression from poverty to middle class. He believed that where one was born should not determine the measure of a man while at the same time, he believed that one should never forget where one comes from.

He was as comfortable in the corner shop as he was in the Cabinet of Barbados or when championing the cause of Barbados and the entire Caribbean community. He prided himself as being an ordinary Barbadian. Never once did he vary from his mission to ensure a better life for all Barbadians remaining true to the motto of the Barbados Labour Party. He was a different type of leader in many ways from those who preceded him fiercely nationalistic, he r eengineer ed our econ omy in such a manner that it resulted in increased prosperity.

He possessed the ability to combine his knowledge and familiarity with the world of international high finance and experience as an economist in Jamaica serving with Michael Manley with a commitment to ensuring the involvement of ordinary citizens no matter their political affiliation with governmental affairs.

His policies reflected his understanding of the socio-cultural and economic composition of Barbados and the technocratic initiatives needed to be employed to transform and propel the country into the ranks of developed nations. I had the pleasure and honour to serve under his leadership from to first in the Senate and later as Minister of Tourism and International T ransport.

He saw in me a passion and fierce determination to serve the people of Barbados and challenged me to reinvigorate a flagging tourism industry as a major driver of the economy. Serving under his leadership provided the grounding necessary for a young politician to achieve the political and professional success that I had as a Minister and government and subsequently.

I will long remember and treasure his description of me as the best Minister of Tourism in the entire Caribbean, an accolade which humbles me to this day. Having served under his leadership, I can just as easily speak to his celebration of success in achieving stated objectives as I can to being the recipient of his wrath.

Professor Owen Arthur , who r ecently passed away. He was an astute leader who was a visionary and who was deeply committed to the r egional integration movement and to CSME. As a leader , he was witty , and indeed he was a humanitarian who loved his people, on whose behalf he earnestly worked.

W e owe a deep sense of gratitude and profound thanks to him, as our former Prime Minister. He was not only a politician, but a teacher , whose intellect and brilliance was enormous. He pioneered an illustrious career , which no doubt must be written in the pages of history. Our deepest condolences go out to his wife Julie, his daughters Sabrina and Leah and his extended r el atives. May his soul rest in eternal peace and may light perpetual shine upon him.

We especially want to express our appreciation for his 14 years of service over three successive terms as Prime Minister and his further contribution to the development of Barbados after he left that high office. Also after 34 unbroken years as Member of Parliament for St. Peter, even up to the time of his passing. We also note with satisfaction that in his governance he made room for the Christian council.

He did not tolerate tar diness, lack of pr eparation, variation from the course of action promised the Barbadian people. Avoracious reader, he encouraged his Ministers to read everything available to them about the areas under their stewardship because he himself was always prepared and able to discuss any and every area of economic activity. He quoted effortlessly from the classics, underscoring the depth and breadth of his knowledge from history, to law, to sociology, to cricket which he used as a metaphor for Caribbean development, to his beloved economics.

Even after demitting office he continued to recommend books and encourage lifelong learning. In his most recent assignment as Chairman of LIAT, he brought a depth of knowledge and passion about the region and its integration through education, work, personal r elationships and of course economics that was unparalleled.

When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace. On behalf of my family, and as a proud citizen of a grateful nation, I extend sincere condolences to his wife Julie, daughters Sabrina and Leah and his wider family. May he Rest in Peace and rise in glory. Three days of mourning is well deserved for the man who did so much for Barbados. All our Prime Ministers have contributed in one way or the other to make this a great place.

As a tribute, he was one of the most brilliant brains in the Caribbean. He was the first Prime Minister to be in office for third term; unfortunately, the economy was going down and he was trying to build it or hold it that Barbados did not lose out. Very few people can handle those types of situations; our hats off to him in gratitude.

When he retired and joined the university, nobody cared to look for him but we were friends and kept in touch. When Liquidation Centre was taken away, he called me; we met and discussed a lot of things, the wise man gave me good advice. To Barbados I would say we have lost a great person. Let us learn how to respect all our past Prime Ministers and not only when they pass away. God bless his family. In addition to his stewardship of this country from to , much can be said about his economic vision and policies for this country, with the view of positioning the country to move thr ough the instabilities of the global community of which Barbados sought to fully establish itself in.

Economic policy As an economist, Owen Arthur believed that ther e had to be a balance between fiscal discipline and an economy which was able to support the r equirements and responsibilities which government had to its citizens. That economy must be able to attract investments, make investments in the capital works development of the coun try , and be able to be nimble enough to sustain exogenous shocks.

The idea was that Barbados had to be able to r eposi tion its economy to take advantage of what the world had to offer. Government, as an example, had to be ef ficient. This would be in terms of the services which it offered, but also to attract investments, departments and Ministries had to be responsive to the demands of a 21st century world, inclusive of the demands to get things done ef fec tively and efficiently to allow for busi nesses to remain viable and make critical investments which would help sustain the needed growth in all sectors of the economy.

This meant that Government could and should not do it all alone. It is reasonable that in the pr evailing climate, businesses will fail, investments will be deferred, funds for housing will dry up, unemployment and the general level of prices will rise and Barbados will find itself overtaken by the kind of economic and social har dship which is now the lot of some of our Caribbean neighbors.

He called for a new economic destiny and it remained a passion of his vision for Barbados to pay its own way in the world. Economic philosophy Speaking at the r e-open ing of the W est Wing of Parliament on November 22, , Arthur also indicated that he was a lover of the political process. Aglance back through the pages of our history will r eveal that the original Parliament of , though representative, did not reflect a composition produced by the application of the principles of adult suffrage.

Yet, as a representative system, it contained within itself the seed which when fully germinated, produced genuine Adult Suf frage in and Independence in So that the celebration of our 40th year of Independence provides a suitable and fitting backdr op for the opening of this West Wing. The Parliament Buildings themselves were completed in Coming from rural St. Peter from middle-class parents, Owen Seymour Arthur was not what was considered to be the typical stock who rose to lead the older of the two national political parties, but from a very young age, he showed that anything was possible when you put your mind to it.

Fr om his days at The University of the West Indies, to his time in Jamaica working for the Bauxite Association, and upon his return to the island in the early s, it was clear that he was going places. His work within the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs was just a precursor to his rise into elective politics.

His success in the St. Those tests sometimes came with an agony that was har d to bear. But there is a special Barbados Labour Party way and spirit that was available to us on which to draw. For us, it must always be service before self. W e must never fail our nation. However, as we look to retain office, we must pledge that we will never act as if Barbados belongs to the Barbados Labour Party for us to do with it, its resources and its institutions that which is pleasing only to ourselves and our supporters.

W e also fully under stand that the task of building a nation must begin with the establishment of a secur e national identity. It also requires the bringing together in a harmonious and coher ent way, forces in the economic, social, cultural, political and psychological realms, to for ge a society that can pr ogressively meet the needs and ex pectations of the broad mass of the people. Peter in He was not shy about calling out deficiencies within economic policies and challenged those who ran those policies to defend them to the public at large.

Ministers of Finance were charged to defend those policies on the floor of Parliament as Arthur questioned the rationale for the policies. He believed that there must be a balance between taxation and economic performances and that the productive sectors needed to push the economy to a level where growth was sustained and could sustain the economy. He also believed that the Central Bank should stand in the breach and resist governmental overreach and was against excessive borrowing of foreign reserves and printing of monies.

Government, he believed, had through economic policies and a vibrant private sector, earned enough monies to pay its local and foreign debts. So it came as no real surprise who his main targets were in the DLP. Former Prime Minister Lloyd Erskine Sandiford only faced him for a short time, but then David Thompson took up the mantle and was humbled in the elections when the DLPonly secured two seats.

In , he faced a resurgent DLP which advanced its seat share in the House of Assembly to seven, then finally in , when he would eventually lose to the DLPunder Thompson. Arthur knew how to read the room and people. He was quick to interact with the public prior to entering Parliament on Tuesdays, because he recognised that people give power to individuals and parties for the time and that bond should never be broken.

He also had a way with language that allowed him to explain challenging economic matters in a way that that average man and woman could understand. It placed him in excellent standing with the public and almost was successful in , when he led the BLPto the government again but just fell short in a win for the DLP.

It was due to him being trusted to handle the economy. He gave up the leadership of the BLPand was replaced by Mia Amor Mottley and returned to the helm in October , after Mottley was r emoved as leader. Known for his grasp of economic data and the ability for showmanship and the quick turns of phrases, and during his time finally as an Independent MPfor St.

He embraced Clyde Mascoll in , who had a public rift with Thompson and what threatened to tear that party apart. He took in advice from all quarters, inclusive of the private sector. He knighted his predecessor Sandiford, presided over the creation of the National Heroes of this country, created a solid economic base which was underpinned by tourism and international business, and set up the tripartite arrangement known as the Social Partnership which involved Government, Labour and the Private sector, all playing a role in decision-making in this country.

His tenure was one of economic prosperity underpinned by little international disruption, although the terrorist attacks of September 11, , did occur. The Glendairy Prison fire took place during this time, Greenland fiasco, Silver Sands bath the point is that for the most part, Owen Arthur stood asa well-respected man during his three terms in office and even after during his two terms which came after he left office.

He remains one of the most potent political forces in the history of this country. May he rest in peace! George Brathwaite said Arthur achieved this in tandem with raising the worldwide regard of this square mile rock. That is what Owen Arthur saw, and what he pushed to ensure that we were not just in the game, but were in the game as winners. When persons within his age group would have seen the manifestations coming about with Sir Grantley Adams and then the Right Excellent Errol Barrow, who himself was a colossus, we see that what Owen Arthur was able to do was to make politics meaningful for ordinary people.

This attitude of inclusivity was also showcased in how Arthur treated the Caribbean and its people as a whole. He saw it in coming through the process of working together and saw integrated development of the region as being demonstrably good for Barbados and the Caribbean. Peter MPwas. After achieving what no other Prime Minister has done by being elected to serve three consecutive terms, Brathwaite said upon leaving office in , Arthur, due to his interventions and thinking terms of public policy, left Barbados on sound footing, having achieved a level of unemployment of seven percent, and at the stage of reaching developed status.

That time started in earnest from his return to Barbados in and continued in his position in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. He was later elevated as an M. Peter and took on the role of Opposition Leader from Arthur became Prime Minister in to , winning three successive General Elections in , and , befor e losing in and He exited politics in He became an Independent.

Today, we present a pictorial tribute which spans his 40 years in public life. Lucia PM Dr. Kenny Anthony in Also present wer e Gray Broome and David Shor ey. He was accompanied by personal aide Mackie Holder and behind them was St. Prime Minister Owen Arthur said he was safely keeping the key to the Treasury which he held aloft at a political meeting at Ellerton St. George in It is fitting that this meeting coincides with his funeral service now taking place in Barbados.

Owen Arthur was elected by the people to serve as Prime Minister for three terms14 consecutive years. His stewardship of Barbados transformed a small island state into a successful economy, improving the lives of every Barbadian, but particularly those from the underprivileged rural community in which he was born. By , Barbados was ranked as being the equivalent of a developed country on the strength of the quality of its human development indices.

Owen Arthur was born in Barbados and served it with distinction, but he was also profoundly Caribbean. He placed great store in the benefits of regional integration, and to creating, within the Caribbean, a single economic space in which nations could pool their individual resources to make a vibrant economic community that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For him the time had long gone when the Caribbean should simply be a market for goods and services from Europe; he led the way to transform an exploitative colonial trading relationship into one with practical benefits for the Caribbean people. Up to the day that he was suddenly hospitalized, the interests of the Caribbean Community and the importance of making it a more perfect union, occupied his every waking moment.

Tireless work His work as a development economist never stopped, nor did his deep commitment to democ racy and the r ule of law. He continued that duty until his dying day , insist ing that democracy in Guyana must be safeguarded, and that CARICOM had a sacred r esponsibility to fight for it. He led many Caribbean str uggles in the interna tional community , one of which I was privileged to be his deputy.

He brought to those negotiations in not only compelling logic and solid economic arguments, but also an insistence that the rich countries of the world understand that one-size shoes do not fit all feet; and that small states r equire different treatment because of the limitations that size imposes.

Wise words Much of what he said in international fora, including to the International Monetary Fund and the W orld Bank, continues to express compelling truth, especially now as the effects of COVID pandemic wrecks the economies of small states. The practice and the politics of exclusion and dictation must cease.

In , he made arguments to the global community that have particu lar resonance today in the context of the criteria by which Caribbean states are measured and treated. Those economies ar e still in crisis and are facing the pr ospect of being en gulfed in larger problems, not of our making. Mr Chairman, the Caribbean has lost a great thinker and an outstand ing champion. Thank you. Honourable Owen Seymour Arthur has been described as one of the most outstanding leaders Barbados and by extension the Caribbean has ever seen.

Legal luminary, Sir Henry Forde, who became a Member of Parliament in Barbados in and over the course of his distinguished political car eer held the positions of Attorney General, Minister of External Affairs and Leader of the Barbados Labour Party and who it is said gave way for Arthur to take up leadership of that Party, spoke highly of the former Prime Minister, during a recent interview with the Barbados Advocate.

John known as Bree. He was one of the young people who had a bright futur e and obviously,T om Adams and Bree and all of us among ourselves had seen him as leading the Party, in due course. So when the time was ripe, we favoured him as the leader of the Party. When we lost the election and it was only three of us, Owen, myself and David Simmons, it was obvious that he would be the person who would in the future lead the Party.

Peter whom he represented as a Member of Parliament and by extension his love for Barbadians, factored into a number of the initiatives he brought on stream. He agreed that although Arthur was seen as an intellectual, he fought for the advancement of the ordinary man. He certainly did all that he could for them. Honourable Owen Arthur will be honoured posthumously.

He was a great mixer. One of the people who did not put self before country, but country before self. Get involved in trying to build the Caribbean islands back. One of the things that was very impressive, was that he was a Caribbean man, not merely a Barbadian in that sense and he saw the small islands as being capable of reaching heights that richer countries and bigger countries could not even reach and that was one of the great things.

That he looked out not only for St. S Arthur. Books tended to become lost in that vast library of his. His genius reflected one of the central tenets of the book, discipline, particularly an uncanny ability to get to the heart of any issue and to reconcile multiple, complex and sometimes conflicting factors in making impactful decisions.

Economists are fascinated by the absolute numbers in terms of GDP, foreign reserves and such indicators. The crowning achievement of the phenomenal development of Barbados was the reduction of unemployment from the mids to about 7 per cent, in one of the most unbelievable deliveries of a campaign promise in history.

Honourable Owen Seymour Arthur. His uncompr omising defence of regional sover eignty and work on the Caribbean Single Market and Economy will be recorded as seminal developments in r egional advancement. Fond memories In time, hopefully there will be fitting r ecordings ofthe phenomenal triumphs of Owen Arthur.

I hope they include his love for his constituency and birthplace, St. It was a pleasure and privilege to know and work with the Boss. The first five years in office with Arthur especially , with that group that included his widow Julie, Shirley King, Genevieve Yeomans, Yvonne Ross, Cindy Jackman, Hamilton Phillips and others, and later Beverley Gibbons, will always be among the best of my life.

Ther e are so many memories to cherish. Among them ar e con tributing to and writing speeches for the Prime Minister that he actually r ead, the work on Celebrate St. Peter which led to the Community Independence Celebrations and the Speigthstown Esplanade Lighting ceremony which led to the Independence Lighting ceremony in Bridgetown and our walks, in the dark, on election nights on the playing field of the Coleridge and Parry School as election results r olled in.

Owen Arthur made it look easy. But his was not an easy road. He bor e it with an equanimity , class and, often, in the solitude of his walks in the gullies of St. Peter and elsewher e. W as he perfect? Certainly no one who got the sharp side of his tongue would say so. But he was the perfect Prime Minister for that period for Barbados, that began in the chaos and harshness of and ended in a glorious legacy that will be difficult to match, far less surpass, the perfect Caribbean statesman and foremost voice for small states in the world.

He was the Great One. In these appreciations, family often is often mentioned last as national service takes precedence. He had a natural affinity to little ones and loved his family, doting on his daughters Sabrina and Leah, and granddaughter, Isabella. Let us keep his wife Julie, children and grandchild, remaining siblings Valmay, Richard and Patricia, and other members of his large family in our prayers.

Owen S. We mourn with you and celebrate the leadership of Mr. Arthur as he devoted his political life in leading our beloved homeland, Barbados. I believe that there are many others who feel the same way. There is no one who has ever met Owen Arthur who could ignore his presence.

His intellect was large, his personality complex. He was fiercely competitive, whether in politics or dominoes or cricket. This should be no surprise to us for his initial defeat by one vote was quickly transformed into a victory and the start of a distinguished parliamentary sojourn in the House of Assembly. Owen was consumed by politics and policy. His love of politics was anchored by a strong love of country and a keen sense of duty.

His list of achievements was vast, but no single one was perhaps as great, domestically, perhaps or as consequential to the average Barbadian, as the leadership he displayed in wrestling unemployment from over 25 per cent to under seven per cent. Early on, as he faced down the US Government in defence of our sovereignty on the now infamous Shiprider Agreement, he demonstrated that he understood and embraced fully the Barbadian tradition of courageous leadership in the international arena.

He spoke truth to power, fought for fairness of treatment and stood firm on principle. Indeed, his advocacy for our rights and interests extended far beyond Barbados to embrace small states everywhere. This was perhaps best exemplified in the way he responded head-on to the unwarranted OECD challenge to our financial services sector. Instinctively and strategically, he knew when and where and how loud to raise his voice, and, to this day, his peers in the cause still remember him with admiration for leading the charge on their behalf.

Owen also recognised that any victory against powerful interests was never absolute, and that small states like Barbados could not afford to drop their guard. That is why, even after his retirement from active politics, he never abandoned his advocacy. And that is why he so enthusiastically embraced his last assignment, as Chairman of the Global Commission on Trade and Development Options , where he sought to reimagine the concepts of inequality and vulnerability in ways that would find common cause among the community of nations.

Few can fully appreciate the intricacies involved in the revising of the Treaty of Chaguaramas, and in activating its provisions to bring the CSME into force. Few can know the joys and frustrations of that incomplete journey, to which Owen devoted so much of his time and energy. His genius was to see the big pictur e and to distil the issues with absolute clarity. In essence, he would set a line of march that most would willingly follow.

And not simply because they believed in Barbados, but because his views on policy and strategic development were often rooted in sound principles but also in the interest of ordinary Caribbean people. Now mor e than ever we, his successors in regional leadership, have a solemn duty to the memory of Owen Arthur to build upon and finish the task he helped to start. Maybe this passion for the Caribbean was best reflected in his love of Jamaica.

One only needs to reflect on the statements of former Prime Minister P. Patterson and Minister of Finance, Omar Davies on his passing. Prime Minister Patterson commented on his love for Jamaica that caused them to feel his loss in a particular way. Iam reassured that it was this commitment to common causes, buttr essed by that keen sense of duty of which I spoke, that allowed us both to place the interest of the country as our guiding principle in coming back together in recent times to work on these matters of great national and regional importance.

This was always our glue. This was our bridge to reconciliation. During the last year Owen willingly undertook assignments on matters of international trade policy and the preparations for the UNCTAD Ministerial in Barbados; the design of a new industrial policy framework for Barbados; his hands-on role in the Jobs and Investment Council, bringing his ideas to the fore as we embarked upon the postCOVID rescue and recovery mission; and ultimately the Chairmanship of LIAT.

And who could forget his forthright and feisty performance at the head of the Commonwealth Electoral Observer Mission to Guyana in March! Frequently over the last year Owen and I resumed our long conversations on the state of the country and the region and on the global issues facing small states. We talked about the challenges and we shared experiences. Above all, we acknowledged the reality that we are truly in a relay race. When others were hiding or failing to take action Owen was leading in the full knowledge that it was a lonely road but a necessary one.

Rising above the smallness and the pettiness that have claimed so many leaders, he was able to reach out to appoint the wife of one of his primary political rivals. For, as he would often say, it takes cash to care.

And he and Liz Thompson will forever be remembered for their early and wise decision of pr oviding all pregnant women with AZT to reduce the mother to child transmission of HIV. Interestingly enough, in appreciating the need to build bridges, we reached out in to Sir Richard Haynes and the NDPas we prepared to go to the polls in It was that lunch that fateful Sunday when Beverly, Owen and I joined Richie and Carol that laid one of the key foundations for the overwhelming and then historic victory of that the people of Barbados gave him and the Barbados Labour Party.

As the person who managed more political campaigns for him than anyone else, I know that he understood the power of the strategic alliance that we were creating with him and Richie. Owen Arthur taught his Cabinet and his public officials so many lessons in public policy and fiscal discipline. Owen Arthur fully embraced their love and appreciation for the power of public policy and passed it on to a new generation. He would readily have admitted that so much of what he learned, and ultimately perfected, about the art of Cabinet Government, he learned from the wisdom and experience of Dame Billie Miller.

Billie was his anchor and his strength, the only one in his Cabinet who had served throughout the Tom Adams Administration. Owen valued her advice and trusted it without reservation. And it was Billie, the consummate elder statesman, who quietly steadied the Owen Arthur Administration in its early days, and who became that vital bridge for the enthusiastic, but inexperienced youngsters that he brought into his Cabinet. Owen knew her true worth, and the support she provided in her two terms as his Deputy.

Few know that she willingly stepped aside to allow him to manage the transition of the party that he believed was critical as we moved fully into the 21st century. His eye for detail and the need for the efficient use of resources in the implementation of policy are valuable lessons needed for any person interested in public life any part of the world. And how could policy be derived, according to Owen, except through a belief in rigor ous r esear ch, and a keen grasp of history?

While Owen opted to go to Jamaica and not to pursue graduate studies in history , for which he had been offered a scholarship, his love of history never left him. Owen introduced me as a young MPand Minister to the importance of political biographies and literature. Yes, we must never forget the past. He had a passion for language and the use of the precise words to describe both nuance and substance of any situation. Every sentence mattered. The lessons of history, for him, were never mor e ably and elegantly articulated than by that great English politician and writer Roy Jenkins.

It was that love and respect for history that also allowed him to immediately accept my proposal, as Minister of Cultur e, to introduce legislation for the formal recognition of Emancipation Day and National Heroes Day and for the identification of our ten National Heroes. It was one of my proudest moments. And it was a moment of supreme leadership for him. Who can forget his words to thousands of persons in Carlisle Car Park as he inspired us all by reminding us that Barbados must not settle for the Bronze; Barbados must not settle for the Silver; Barbados must always go for the Gold!

As for his own person, Owen Arthur eschewed the notion of honours or accolades. It is instr uctive that the two medals that adorned his body as he lay in state spoke to the liberation struggles of our people and our r egion. And how could policy be derived, according to Owen, except through a belief in rigorous research, and a keen grasp of history?

Owen Arthur was a storyteller. He was a teacher. This skill was built upon a finely crafted dry wit and a natural ability to impart knowledge, seemingly without ef fort. It was very often accompanied by a mischievous smile and a confident tone that underscored a recognition on his part that he had just scored a boundary.

He made the most complex economic subjects seem as simple as ABC to many watching on. Much of his teaching was done in public, through lectures and speeches, which fortunately remain accessible to all, and as relevant now as the day they were delivered. But let us be clear. This extraor dinary capacity first rested upon an abiding love of language and great literature.

He was a firm believer in reading outside of your discipline or training, while immersing yourself in the great literary works. And as for the man! Owen was equally a man ofgr eat complexity. He loved simplicity and privacy but yet required and defended form, pomp and cer emony as critical elements of nation building.

I believe, Leah, he lived vicariously through you in his desire, after so many years of diligent practice, to finally be in a position to be called to the bar. And, to Isabella, you are too young to know how your grandfather influenced many and transformed the lives of many. The adrenaline rush of the cut and thrust constantly ener gised him.

However , at the end of it all, that cut and thrust was not intended to be personal. And because I knew him well, I can say to you that for him it was often not personal. Thank you for challenging me constantly, for pushing me hard, and for toughening me for this journey in these extremely challenging times.

And yes, you had the last laugh with me! I have written it down, and I have more or less followed the script. On behalf of the government and the people of Barbados, we say thank you to Owen Seymour Arthur and his family for his service to a grateful nation and a proud people. T o his wife Julie, and his daughters Leah and Sabrina and his granddaughter Isabella and to his siblings, Valmay and Richard and the rest of his family we extend our deepest condolences. Peter; his former colleagues in the Barbados Labour Party; the public servants with whom he worked locally and r egionally; to his colleague Heads of Government within the Caribbean Community; and to those at his Alma mater UWI who provided him with that r efuge from which he would continue to teach and to advocate his views, I equally know your grief.

We equally hold you up in this your time off loss. At the appropriate time, after consultation with his family, I will announce plans to honour Owen Arthur, posthumously, in a way that he richly deserved, but steadfastly refused to accept during his lifetime. We can and we will do so in a manner that respects his dignity and reflects his patriotism. May his soul Rest In Peace. Mia Amor Mottley Q. Arthur was famed for his economic expertise and I hope I can do some justice to his colossal economic legacy by exploring the performance of three key macroeconomic metrics during his years as Prime Minister of Barbados, 1 growth in Real Gross Domestic Product, 2 the Unemployment Rate and 3 the Weeks of Imports Cover.

Since , Although the data is less reliable, this record of growth has only been surpassed to date by the tenur e of The Right Excellent Sir Errol Walton Barr ow over the to period. See Table 1. Real GDP Growth for Barbados to However , as impressive as wer e in terms of the important GDP growth variable, in some ways they pale when one examines his record in terms of unemployment and foreign exchange reserves.

Unemployment During the election campaign, Mr. Arthur campaigned on the cr eation of 30, jobs. Arthur was smoking. The World Bank pr ovides unemployment data for Barbados from the year , and figure 2 provides an overview of that data with the years of Mr. In Barbados a benchmark of twelve 12 week of import cover, has acquired semi? The World Bank provides foreign exchange reserves data for Barbados from the and figure 3 provides an overview of the annual weeks of import cover for Barbados, with the years of Mr.

Arthur assuming office as Prime Minister to , the average import cover for Barbados was 7. However , during his term of of fice Barbados enjoyed an average import cover of Again, Mr. It is impossible to capture the measure of such an outstanding son of the Caribbean soil in a few numbers, but I nevertheless try and conclude with Mr.

Owen Seymour Arthur in one chart. See Figure 4. Owen Arthur had a long association with The UWI and made an outstanding contribution to its growth and development. In his last years Prof. As Prime Minister, Prof. Drayton also said that Pr of. Owen Arthur had the vision and courage to expand and modernize it for the twenty-first century.

Condolences from Cave Hill campus Professor Dr. With hardly anything going untouched by vast knowledge, he has also impacted on the sporting community where a legacy has also been left in some areas which are beyond the boundary of cricket. Like a true Caribbean son, he had a love for the game of cricket and it is here that one of the more visible footprints have been left. The Mecca, Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados, has hosted international matches since , including the first Test played in the West Indies in , and was the home to Pickwick Cricket Club since The late former Prime Minister was instrumental in the Cricket World Cup bid for Barbados to host the final in , which saw a transformation of the many stadia across the region and Kensington Oval was one.

The field was redone from the bottom up and now Kensington Oval is known to have one of the best drainage systems in place when it returned to the crease after being demolished in Peter Football League, Nevada Phillips. A view of Kensington Oval. As he spoke about the accomplishments of Barbados over its 50 years of independence, he pointed to how in r elative terms it paled in comparison to the Barbadian cricketing heritage which has reached and often exceeded global standards of excellence.

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Title: The Barbados advocate; Uniform Title: Barbados advocate General Note: On Sunday published as: Sunday advocate. s Office and the Rural Development Commission,with an intention that Net bets against the dollar in futures markets are approac hing their highest level in more than two years. Title: The Barbados advocate; Uniform Title: Barbados advocate Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Bridgetown (Barbados) (lcsh); Genre: Commission​@ and providing their full name and address. When Obadele Thompson won the bronze medal at the Games he welcomed. betting and gaming from. $3 million to Barbados Advocate asked if any efforts were being and Tobago Commission on Youth at Risk help?